Australia is one of the largest countries in the world. Cities and towns of Australia got a great viability because of admirable facility of means of communication. It is one of the best places to migrate to. Reasonable cost of living, not very high cost of education, English as reasonable language, attractive lifestyle, and beautiful climatic condition adds to the comfort of Australia. Australia is the only country in the world to occupy a single continent. Being safe and friendly country Australia has developed good reputation among other countries of the world.

High growth rate, low rate of inflation, abundance of physical resources, low rate of interest on economy makes it economically fulfilled country.

Diverse culture is also a likable feature of this country. Approximately 23 per cent of the population is overseas born and almost 40 per cent are of mixed cultural derivations. In spite of having such diversification, you will find a affluent cultural sense along with wide range of literature, music, art, theatre, festivals, carnivals and celebrating indigenous cultural programs. Diversification has added not only to the culture but also the cuisine of Australia making it lovable place to be.   


Why Study in Australia?

Education system of Australia has a very strong reputation in among other countries. You are free to choose your stream of Education.  There are thousands of courses for the students to choose. Educational institute of Australia promote within a student a sense of ground-breaking and autonomous thinking. Effective communication, team work, practical skills will be a part of candidate’s education. For further studies and employment Australian qualification is practice oriented and grasps a world class status. Studies there impart in you the intellectual abilities you require for global success. The Learning atmosphere promotes in student the confidence of self learning and they believe in imparting practical knowledge to students. Australian graduates are sought out by employers worldwide.


Education Programs

Quality of teaching and research of Australian university is extensively renowned. In the presence of technological advancement in the top universities of Australia students receive great study material. Well equipped classrooms having to work with the usage of laptops, projectors and other modern technology. There are 41 government recognized universities in Australia and many government-recognized institutions namely Technical and Further Education (TAFE). All the Australian universities are recognized by Legislation of Australia or Federal government.

There are three classification of education in Australia at College/ University level:

Vocational Education & Training (VET)

Higher Education (Graduate, Diploma, Masters)

Masters by Research & Doctorate 



Visa Information Australia

To have an opportunity to study in Australia, candidate needs to submit complete Visa form, original passport, original academic certificates, work experience certificate and financial proof (bank statement) showing enough of fund required to deal with the expenses of living, course and maintenance. 


Tuition Fee and scholarship

The fees structure of Australian universities is mainly divided into three parts namely-

Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Degree Certificate- The average tuition fees for which is AUD 8000 to AUD 15000 per annum.

Bachelor Degree – The fees for which is AUD 15000 to AUD 22000 per annum.

Graduate certificate, Diplomas and Masters- The average fees of which is AUD 16500 to AUD 25000 per annum.

Scholarship is available only for those students who are doing Masters by research on which conditions apply.   



Living cost and work permit

Cost of living in Australia is around AUD 20290 . Being an international student has the permission to work part time in Australia. You can work up to 20 hours a week while you are a student. However without commencing the course one cannot do so. In case the student is married and his/her spouse also went with them, even they are allowed to work 20 hours per week. During holidays a student is allowed to work for full time. 

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